Discover Why Argan Oil Is Known As Liquid Gold - Argan oil is not as popular as the other types of oil since it is a virgin coconut oil or tea tree oil; This natural oil is derived from the kernels of Argan tree through a process called extraction. This miracle oil is perfect for adding youth and shine to your lips, as well. Argan oil or popularly known as
Look Into Various Aspects And Benefit Of Argan Oil - Most of us have heard that the organic argan oil for skin care is a wonderful product that works like wonders. Well, I am asking so is just because the Argan oil becomes a trending topic in aesthetics and cosmetics world these days. This beauty oil is  native to Morocco where its source, the argan tree, is exclusively found. This
Essaouira: Home of the Argan Tree, Hardworking Berber Women, and Amusing Goats - For some, the idea of the argan tree and the nation of Morocco are virtually synonymous. However, this tree that produces an oil highly prized on a global scale for health and beauty benefits is native only to one stretch of coast in this North African nation. Essaouria, situated on the Northwest coast of the African continent provides the perfect
Moroccan Vegetable Stew - Moroccan vegetable stew is a hearty and comforting stew packed with vegetables and spices. It has carrots, garlic, sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach, and much more. All this veggie goodness is then enhanced with a blend of smoky cumin, citrusy coriander, and sweet, spicy cinnamon. As we know, most stews begin with a little oil and in this recipe, argan oil
Making Zaalouk with Argan Oil - Zaalouk is an undeniably delicious cooked Moroccan salad of eggplant and tomatoes. This salad, often served as a side, is simple and fresh but the use of pungent spices as well as the nutty, nutrient packed argan oil meld to create a memorable culinary experience. Although meaty and tender, the eggplant is a blank slate. It takes on the tastes
Ultimate Tasty Tabbouleh Recipe - Popular all over North Africa and the Middle East these days, tabbouleh is a refreshing salad made with tomatoes, fresh herbs, onion and bulgur. Lemon juice, salt and olive oil are typical flavorings, although there are different versions using ingredients like garlic or cucumber. Some people use couscous rather than bulgur, which cooks quicker but is not so authentic. If
Gently Spiced Harira Recipe With Argan Oil - This is a traditional soup recipe from Morocco which can be served as an appetizer or snack. It is often served during Ramadan to break the fast, but this tasty dish is enjoyable at any time, especially if you want a deliciously different lunch or a light supper. Harira is a nutritious combination of vegetables, spices, tomatoes and beans. Recipes
Making Lamb Tagine With Argan Oil - Food grade argan oil lends an intensely nutty flavor to recipes. One that flawlessly works with this delicious oil is lamb tagine, a hearty, slow-cooked stew. The nuttiness paired with the slight gaminess of the lamb engages the palate and the two layers are followed by a bold blend of spices. The spice combination used to flavor the dish is
Fruity Chicken Tagine with Argan Oil - As well as boasting a range of skincare and beauty benefits, argan oil is wonderful for cooking, although the process for making culinary argan oil differs slightly. Argan nuts are lightly toasted before being pressed to give the oil a distinctive creamy, nutty taste and golden brown color. Argan oil adds richness and sweetness to various sweet and savory dishes,
Using Argan Trees To Combat Global Warming - Argan trees are these very dense fruit-bearing trees that grow almost exclusively in Morocco. While coconut is dubbed as the tree of life in most countries and cultures, Morocco natives will make a case for argan tree – the tree that is fast becoming their livelihood. A typical argan tree can outlive humans at least twice with its life span