Essential Sleep – An All Natural Sleep Aid

I have weird and irritating sleeping issues! I can’t sleep even if I am very tired. And when I have finally fallen asleep, I keep waking several times at night and I have difficulty going back to sleep. If I could manage to get a long 10-hour sleep, it would be hard for me to get out of bed. And it keeps me sleepy the entire day. No matter how I fortify myself with coffee, or jog around my office pod, or have my ears busted with loud music – still I couldn’t fight off the sleepiness.

An insomniac friend of mine, a party animal who likes to spend his life at night and sleeps at day and is a sleeping pill dependent, advised me to take sleeping pills, as according to him I was clearly showing symptoms of insomnia. I didn’t consider it the first time because I know most sleeping pills have “synthetic compounds” or “sedative hypnotics” which are potentially addictive. He gave me a 2-week supply of pills to try, so I decided to give it a go anyway. I was able to sleep alright, but it had some side effects. What I noted were unusual dreams (which at times made me wonder if those were dreams or hallucinations), the uncontrollable tremors, and the uncontrollable gas. I am typically allergic to dust and just about everything so I sneeze a lot. And the gas likes to tag along with my every sneeze. Although the smell is oppressive but I still find it somewhat tolerable because it is always on stealth mode – it has no sound. One time, I was fixing myself a cup of coffee and I sneezed hard only to have my ‘gas friend’ welcomed itself out — loud enough to make the entire office say “What the hell was that?” Then one said, “It’s a new ringtone with a smell!” When I got back to my cubicle, my cubicle mate said “So I bet it was your phone the entire time huh? Why don’t you have that fixed so it would not have a sound again? It got a sound today, it must be broken”. It was one funny moment that our office was not able to get past it for days. I stopped taking the pills.

Days passed, and the sleeping issues were back again. I searched the net hoping to find something that would help me. Then I came across this so called “Natural Sleeping Pills”. I found out that some pills have compounds that replenish what our body/brain would lose as we battle about with our daily stress, depressions, anxieties etc. One specific brand that got me interested was the sleep aid Essence of Argan – Essential Sleep. The reviews were enticing and good (organic, natural, no side effects etc…) so I gave it a try crossing my fingers that my funny ‘gas friend’ will not be tagging along.

The product has PharmaGABA which helps re-establish our Gamma Amino Butyric Acid in our body. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid in our brain that plays a vital role in our central nervous system which gets depleted when we are subjected to stressful conditions. It also has Inositol which replenishes the natural Inositol we deplete during manic and depressive episodes of our day. It also has Goji Extracts which is a very powerful antioxidant that promotes brain health by fighting off free-radical damage to the brain, narrowing of the arteries, thereby allowing better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells and thus giving us more relaxing, and restful sleep. It also has Melatonin which is good for those with seasonal affective disorders (SAD) and with irregular sleeping patterns. Melatonin helps control the sleeping cycle.

The Essence of Argan – Essential Sleep works like magic! Now, I sleep soundly like a baby. I can sleep even if my dog is barking mad at another dog she sees on TV, or even if my GF chats non-stop with her friend over the phone. I feel revitalized every time I wake up, be it a 5-hour sleep or an 8-hour sleep. It does not have any side effects — no tremor, no hallucinatory dreams. And best of all, I never get visits anymore from my funny ‘gas friend.’

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