Essence of Argan Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

In this video, Essence of Argan was featured on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz partnered with us and sold all of our products on his website for quite some time. The consumer correspondent loved Argan oil, and it sounded like she had quite a lot of experience with the product. She mentioned that Essence of Argan’s product works great for finger nails, and Dr. Oz was quick to apply some saying that surgeons finger nails need Argan oil very badly. We are very pleased that the expert highlighted how our Argan oil did not contain any “fillers” and was pure as well as organic. Unfortunately she did not mention how Essence of Argan is Eco certified.

Essence of Argan featured on The Real’s Mai Picks

For those of you who don’t know, The Real is a hit television show on Black Entertainment Television that has ratings through the roof ever since 2014. They have a segment of their show where The Real highlights products that the cast members Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Tamar Braxton use in their home lives. Jeannie Mai did her research on this one, because she is very knowledgeable about Argan oil. Jeannie Mai goes into depth on how versatile Argan oil is as you can apply it in so many ways your head might spin.

Review and Tips For Use of Essence of Argan’s Pure Argan Oil

In this video she explains how she uses a little bit of Essence of Argan at night, and in the morning. She says that Argan oil doubles for her as an eye makeup remover. Rubbing 100% natural oil over eye makeup has to be the best way to remove it. She explains how she showers at night, and to prevent her clean hair from getting greasy in the Argan oil, she sleeps with her hair up in a hair band. Most people would love to hair any extra Argan oil in their hair, but she is right that it doesn’t get in the optimal places in the hair, which are at the tips of the hair, and as well as roots of the hair. She recommends to wrap your hair in a bun, and to secure your hair with a loose pony tail to prevent any hair breakage. She raves about how the Argan oil gives her a dewy skin. I have never heard of that word “dewy” being used in such a positive manner, but my experiences are the same using Argan oil, I just never thought of using that terminology. Finally, she gives her review on Essence of Argan’s product using an obsessed rating, on which Essence of Argan’s 100% natural ecocert Argan oil scored off the charts at eleven out of ten. Here at Essence of Argan it makes our day when users are so happy with the product that they take the time our of their own busy schedule to give a heart felt testimony about how their life has changed since adopting a new beauty routine that includes Argan oil.

Woman Drinks Pure Argan Oil

A little known fact about topical oils and makeups, is that 90% of the application gets absorbed into the skin. So if you are not confident enough to consume the product you are using through your mouth, than please do not use it on your precious skin. Luckily Essence of Argan’s Argan oil is made without any added chemicals, so you should not worry. Not only is Argan oil great for exterior body applications, but one of it’s most ancient uses is for cooking purposes. Used raw or cooked, pure Argan oil is not only edible, but very healthy for your bodies cells.