Essence of Argan Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

In this video, Essence of Argan was featured on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz partnered with us and sold all of our products on his website for quite some time. The consumer correspondent loved Argan oil, and it sounded like she had quite a lot of experience with the product. She mentioned that Essence of Argan’s product works great for finger nails, and Dr. Oz was quick to apply some saying that surgeons finger nails need Argan oil very badly. We are very pleased that the expert highlighted how our Argan oil did not contain any “fillers” and was pure as well as organic. Unfortunately she did not mention how Essence of Argan is Eco certified.

One thought on “Essence of Argan Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

  1. I’m a huge Dr. Oz fan. I watch his show every single day, and I remember the fateful day when Essence of Argan was featured, because it truly changed my life. Ever since my skin conditions have been steadily improving and now I would say my skin is as good if not better than the average person.

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