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Essence of Argan is EcoCert

December 6th 2015

After centuries of unconscious living, humans have created reason to be concerned about the environment.  The ultimate way for consumers to vote for what they believe in and hopefully a healthy environment is with their money.  There are various certification processes that companies go through to prove their consciousness for the environment as well as their product.  Essence of Argan chose EcoCert because they are internationally renowned for certifying only the upper echelon of organic products and companies. EcoCert was founded in France in 1991 and today is based out of L'Isle Jourdain in the south of France.  Ecocert's mission statement is that it wants all roles of organic farming to be respected.  While EcoCert is based out of France it audits companies from all around the world with the same standards. When Essence of Argan wanted to be certified by EcoCert we had to request an auditor to be assigned to our company.  The auditor checked that no chemical fertilizer, pesticide, or GMO had been used as well as nothing synthetic such as parabens and phenoxyethanol have touched it.  They took a sample of Essence of Argan's Argan oil as well as all our products and sent it to a laboratory for many tests.  Once the auditor's inspection was over the report was sent to head office of EcoCert and was examined by a certification officer.  When all facets of Essence of Argan were deemed compliant we were issued a certificate and able to market our products as organic.  Ecocert does not stop there and they randomly monitor our production processes many times each year.  The EcoCert logo guarantees that the labeled product is really organic.  EcoCert's label also certifies that the product has undergone a controlled and ethical manufacturing process. One of the reasons that EcoCert is so well respected is because they walk their talk and are a very environmentally conscious.  They calculate their own carbon footprint to apply sustainable development principles within their company.  Ecocert uses web conferencing whenever possible instead of travel, but when their employees do travel for business they use environmentally friendly means of transportation.  Ecocert makes use of Eco-friendly buildings where they recycle everything, sort their waste with rigor including composting all organic material that is not recyclable. Here is a great video by EcoCert's YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/QSIGExPYcqA  

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2 thoughts on “Essence of Argan is EcoCert

  1. Taylor Paver

    Wow, to my knowledge this is the only company in this whole darn industry that cares at all. Not only just about the environment, but the end consumers as well. Essence of Argan doesn’t just poison it’s users like Coca Cola. Most Fortune 500 companies use and abuse their customers without a care in the world what toxic chemicals they are putting into their bodies. I am a very sensitive person because my diet is so clean, so it’s important to my well being that I limit the chemicals from all walks of life that I consume.

  2. Linda Gervasis

    I have done some research about the best certification bodies, and EcoCert is top of the line.


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