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Help Us Support the Women of Morrocco

August 21st 2015

Still need more reasons to try Essence of Argan? When you purchase Essence of Argan, you are helping to support a women's cooperative in Morocco that works to keep the Argan trees thriving on a space of protected land. Over 3 million people in Southern Morocco receive a fair wage through the sales of Argan Oil.

Essence of Argan Oil Can Do Wonders

So go ahead, use Essence of Argan, the natural miracle product that all the celebrities are raving about. Keep a bottle in your bathroom to give your skin a young, healthy glow, and a bottle in your kitchen to lower cholesterol and keep your body fit. You can feel good inside and out, and know that your purchase today is helping others around the world. Essence Of Argan (www.essenceofargan.com) is currently increasing argan and argan oil sales in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, England, India, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Scotland, South Korea, as well as the United States of America.

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