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The Essence of Youth, Health, and Beauty

August 11th 2015

I would never appreciate nor consider beauty if not associated with health- I bet everyone would agree with me on this. Youthfulness is always associated with health and beauty. These aspects sure are mostly desired and coveted by anyone and most if not all, have been struggling in all ways and in any chances they get and they can, in order to maintain and achieve both qualities as constant and as long as they can possibly manage. Way back the ancient times, beauty and health preservation has been desired, studied and practiced by both men and women. Various rituals have been passed on from generations to generations and this modern age, people risk into doing crazy stuffs, even deadly ones, just to achieve their ideas of being beautiful, healthy and youthful. I’m a woman myself, so these things naturally catch my interests and both entertain and horrify me! I have seen the older women in my family religiously practicing their beauty rituals daily and even got amazed at how some of my female friends started on it at an early age. In the southwest of Morocco, there’s a tree that is said to bear liquid gold- the ARGAN OIL, which comes from the tree nuts. It has become one of the most sought after health and beauty cosmetic products for women-and even men- today. It has been used by the locals as food supplements for centuries. The Argan oil is reported to contain essential fatty acids and rich in vitamins, especially Vit. E. It maybe one of the first products that have followers who have experienced benefits in their own way of medium. The liquid gold has been noted for its restorative and age-defying effects. Also, because of its vitamin and minerals contents, Argan oil has been stated to relieve or remedy some skin problems. Its medicinal and health values include the ability to lower cholesterol levels, stimulation of circulation and strengthening the body’s natural defense system. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities and supermodels are proudly confiding and endorsing the use of Argan oil in maintaining their flawless and youthful beauties. With positive confirmation of researches and studies conducted, the hype for Argan oil due to its miracle effect has truly reached its peak these days! As a result, the demand for Argan oil-based cosmetics has increased rapidly and hence, numerous beauty and health products are popping up claiming to contain this miracle oil. I, personally, have never really thought nor cared much about these beauty stuffs as I’m used to simplicity and very ordinary routine. As a country girl, I prefer natural means of maintaining health and beauty, that is, basically plain hygiene. Having just turned 30 this year, I have suddenly realized, having young and healthy skin doesn’t mean I will just let it be and have no need of using particular products to improve and preserve it. I mean, sudden realization came to me which is undeniably true, we age, our body changes and it doesn’t go back to how it used to look years before. But I’m also scared that if I wrongly use or chose the wrong kind, I would end up burning my skin or worst, getting myself seriously sick. Therefore, I have thought it’s just right to make my young and healthy skin last as longer as possible by protecting and improving it with the aid of safe and effective products. Among the thousands of cosmetics being advertised these days, I favor those organic ones to be the safest and most effective (as they apparently compliment my simplicity and my very sensitive skin). Out of these organic beauty products, I have picked out a favorite- the Essence of Argan Oil. Why? Well, I have a very long hair (I’ve always had long hair ever since), they seem healthy enough (color’s black and never have split-ends) but the strands are very thin and they easily break when I comb briskly, especially when I am in a hurry and I often lose a lot during shower. My hair has never been treated and I’ve never had the need to go to a hairdresser (luckily!) but I desire to strengthen my locks and keep them healthier, shinier and blacker in a natural, conventional way. I have brown skin, not flawless but smooth and healthy. However, given it’s brown, it means I’ve got high melanin pigment so that it’s sometimes dangerous to be too exposed to the sun (and I am native of a tropical country). Also, in the course of time I noticed that I’ve got a very sensitive skin, as well which easily gets irritated and scars quickly when wounded. My skin all in all, is healthy-looking and naturally shiny and for this, I’d love to preserve this as much as possible and erase some scars. Another thing that I am grateful of are my white nails, most people would say that they’re even and white that they wish they have the same. Well, yes, they’re very neat-looking and evenly-colored but what worries me a lot is the fact that they break easily. I would like to be able to grow and paint them due to their nice shapes but I can never get through into growing them without a nail or two being chipped or broken after doing laundry and household chores. Considering all these concerns, I have found the suitable product that is 100% all-natural and that which can improve, protect and maintain my skin, hair and nails altogether! So you may wonder what convinced me to choose Essence of Argan as the main tool for my newly-vowed beauty regimen? With 2 months researching, canvassing, forum-reading and asking advices from live testimonials, I have confirmed my decision that among Argan-oil based cosmetics, Essence of Argan is the ideal brand. It’s not only very effective for facial beauty maintenance but very good treatment for hair and scalp damages bringing your locks back to life and making them stronger and shinier. Furthermore, it can slowly erase visible car tissues apart from being useful against skin’s undesirable conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and stretch marks! Yes, the price may not be cheaper compared to other brands but I have learned that not all Argan Oil in the market is real and pure as many so called producer may have diluted it, just to make it cheaper. Argan oil is known to be one of the rarest, hence most expensive oils in the world. Pure, original argan oil is hard to obtain and production is time-consuming. It just can’t be for free, therefore, its price is high but I would say it’s worth it! You may be asking how can I be so sure that what I am paying for more is what it says it is? Simple, the product ingredients should only say ONE, that is, 100% Argan oil (Argania spinosa). There must be no preservatives, no fragrances, no parrafinum, not even water. Just pure, organic Argan kernel Oil. Research have shown that when you combine argan oil with other ingredients you actually DEGRADE the effects of Argan oil. One obvious proof of being 100% natural is its being undeodorized or unscented and instead a nutty aroma that quickly disappears as oil gets absorbed by the skin. Even buying Argan Oil in Morocco, doesn’t give you guarantee that oil is not diluted, unless you know where to buy. Essence of Argan is produced by well-known manufacturer straight from Morocco and it’s ECO-CERTIFIED- which signifies for an oil’s nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic properties. It ensures that your oil is “100% pure”, “cold pressed” or “Made in Morocco”. Another plus point for the said brand is it’s glass-packaging which is very eco-friendly and fully-recyclable. It is a scientifically-proven that plastic containers destroys the oil’s properties. Furthermore, Essence of Argan’s packaging is undeniably very chic, handy and convenient with its silver spray top. The liquid gold looks elegantly smooth, giving it a touch of being fancy. The oil feels so soft and smooth on the skin, absorbed quickly and easily. Just a very tiny drop and it spreads enough on applied area plus it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling at all! Truly, Essence of Argan Oil is a multi-purpose product. It can be mainly used on the four major parts of our body: face, hair, skin and nails. It can also be ingested for medicinal and nutritional purposes helping in reducing cholesterol levels, improving circulation and decrease incidence of heart disease. Apparently, this miracle oil is not only beneficial to women but to men, as well. Those men who have issues with their skin or thinning hair, or even health issues, can very well depend on this all-natural product without difficulty nor embarrassment as it has several usage and manner of application. No one in my family will ever object if I include Essence of Argan oil and even related products, in our monthly groceries list and budget since every one is using them daily. Another good things I’ve discovered about this awesome product is the chance to continuously receiving Essence of Agan oil conveniently every month at a DOLLAR-A-DAY price and getting an Essence of Argan soap along with it- FOR FREE!!! Also by just patronizing these authentic Moroccan Argan oil, we are actually helping the Berber women of Morocco in improving their livelihood as well as protecting the endangered Argan forest. It’s a good feeling being able to maintain one’s beauty regimen while spending money worthly and meaningfully. It’s a win-win situation, I’m happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy. Everyone can stay healthy, youthful and beautiful with just a drop of gold…a drop of Essence of Argan.

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One thought on “The Essence of Youth, Health, and Beauty

  1. Yovinda Greenwall

    I only use pure Moroccan oil. Diluted stuff just doesn’t do it for me. If I were to mix it with other ingredients, I would want to do it myself, without all the chemical additives. I checked and Essence of Argan doesn’t use chemicals in their shampoos and conditioners, but I’m just strict and I like to use the 100% pure product on myself.


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