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Use Essence of Argan Oil for Flawless Hair and Skin

August 14th 2015

I believe that all women want and deserve flawless, voluminous hair and glowing and soft skin, without spending a ton of money! Therefore, they try many products that claim to work but often don’t rise up to their expectations. These type of products, without a specialist opinion, can also contain some pretty dangerous chemicals that can effect our skin, hair and health. Just because it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you! So, the question is, where can we find a product that actually works, all natural and indulgent with our wallets?  The answer is easy, Essence of Argan is the product for us!  The Argan oil is an all-natural and pure product recommended to treat health and skin conditions, and has been done it for thousands of years.  The product is hand made only in Marocco because it only grows there.  The Argan nuts are cracked to remove the grain, then stone ground for a few hours and cold pressed so the oil can be extracted easily.  The process of producing the oil can last for hours and take a lot of work, even for a small quantity. Argan oil has been used as a cosmetic for thousands of years, from women all around the world, hundreds of celebrities and every day women.  All the ladies deserve the best, they need to take care of themselves, and Argan does that.  Takes care of skin problems (wrinkles, acne, dry skin, eczema) hair problems (dry hair, fragile, split ends) for hands and nails ( weak, splinting nails).  The important thing is the naturalness of the product, no added chemicals, or preservatives, so as a customer, you feel confident that you are using a 100% natural health-care product, and it’s worth all the money!  Aside from the fact that the oil it’s so beneficial for our body it’s also very elegant and fancy!  Essence of Argan comes in 3 different sized bottles filled up with magic- 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. Our argan oil is easy to apply, has a golden sand color and fits perfectly in every women's purse.  The oil is a perfect for a gift also, it represents class, femininity and style. Basically, the Argan oil represents hard work, many hours of dedication and patience, but also many women can admit that they cannot live without it.  No more health and skin problems, only pure and natural ingredients and magnificent results, thanks to the great Essence of Argan. While women do make up a large portion of our customer base at EssenceofArgan.com, we are certainly not strictly a feminine products company.  Thousands of men all around the world enjoy the health benefits of using Argan oil on a regular basis.  Men can also get those skin and hair results that so many women achieve.  Just because women like their hair soft, silky, and with no split ends does not mean it isn't normal for a man to want those aesthetics too.  Same goes with skin, no male should be suffering from dry skin, acne anywhere on their body, skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, age marks, wrinkles, and so many more.  They should just find peace and happiness just like our female Argan oil customers by joining the chemical free Essence of Argan revolution.  It isn't logical to look for results using toxic chemicals created by scientists in a lab, when Argan oil was discovers some 4,000 years ago before technology like today was in place, and the results of the Berber people were so obvious that they couldn't question the product.  Argan oil grows straight from the ground in the form of Argania trees.  Only a few processes have to take place to extract the Argan oil from the fruit of those trees, it is just so natural and primal. Now this article focuses on the benefits that you can get from using Essence of Argan's oil on your skin and hair, but it doesn't stop there.  You can use this Argan oil in the kitchen to whip up some culinary masterpieces.  If you are having trouble with your finger or toenails, you can rub the EssenceofArgan.com 100% pure organic Argan oil onto those nail surfaces and within a few applications you will notice significant changes in a positive direction.  The uses and applications are seemingly endless as we receive new emails on a weekly basis of our customers trying innovated techniques and loving their outcomes, so do not hesitate and order your own bottle today.

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4 thoughts on “Use Essence of Argan Oil for Flawless Hair and Skin

  1. christine trujillo

    i am sick of spending up to now, $395 on different products to heal my split torn nails., my extreme wrinkled face, droopy eyelids, so far on my face, creams etc, $200.00/ i could go on and on.

    how could i trust yet another visual advertisement on the net…… what is your guarantee, and proof this oli works. i have been using moroccon oil on my split fine hair for 6 mths. only a slight improvement.

    i am 65 slim build and desperate

  2. Kayla

    The beauty of Essence of Argan, is that the use of the pure Argan oil they sell is not limited to just hair and skin. I have come up with many uses such as applying on my toe nails as well as finger nails. I also cook with the oil, I use it as a sun screen to protect against the sun when on vacation, and I also apply it to some of the scars I have on my breasts and hips.

  3. Jean Neilson

    Those are good suggestions Kayla. I have some stretch marks around my thighs that I think could benefit from steadily applying argan oil to. I have read other places that Argan oil is great for treating scars, so I have to test it out now.

  4. Akshay Kumar

    I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I have long, wavy hair, and I use this after I straighten and sometimes out of shower or when my hair just needs some moisture. It smells like absolute heaven, it is SO lightweight it feels like nothing in my hair and does not make my hair feel greasy at all. This stuff is literally the holy grail beauty product that I will never stop purchasing. It makes your hair sooo soft and silky too!! Essence of Argan is a fantastic brand! I will recommend this 100x forever and ever! Not to mention, it is very affordable!


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