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The Essence of Youth, Health, and Beauty

I would never appreciate nor consider beauty if not associated with health- I bet everyone would agree with me on this. Youthfulness is always associated with health and beauty. These aspects sure are mostly desired and coveted by anyone and most if not all, have been struggling in all ways and in any chances they get and they can, in

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What is Essence of Argan

Essence of Argan is an all-natural health and beauty company that creates products using Argan oil which has been used successfully to treat health and skin conditions for thousands of years! A pure Moroccan oil derived from the nuts of the Argan tree, Essence of Argan is rich in carotenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, making it a perfect

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The Power Behind Essence of Argan

The amount of vitamin E present in argan oil also makes Essence of Argan an amazing treatment for your hair! Simply massage a little bit of oil into your hair from root to tip, and watch the damage done by color treatments, heat, and abuse disappear. You’ll love how much more manageable your hair becomes the longer you use Essence

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Real customer testimonials from the archives

Review by Catalina “I’ve been using Essence of Argan for my baby’s diaper rashes and after the first application I could already see the difference, it keeps the diaper rashes away and I also use it as part of my daily cleansing routine I use it for my hair, my face after I shower and in the morning before applying

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How Argan Oil Empowers Women in Morocco

Argan oil has been an all-around ingredient for Moroccan cuisine for as long as the locals remember and is deemed as a panacea for a variety of skin woes, particularly to Berber women – an ethnic group living and thriving in North Africa. But despite the local popularity of this oil, it has remained relatively unknown to the rest of

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Essence of Argan is EcoCert

After centuries of unconscious living, humans have created reason to be concerned about the environment.  The ultimate way for consumers to vote for what they believe in and hopefully a healthy environment is with their money.  There are various certification processes that companies go through to prove their consciousness for the environment as well as their product.  Essence of Argan

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Welcome to Essence of Argan sets the gold standard in the Argan oil industry and is proud to be forging the way for all other companies. While at we offer an array of different products, our 100% pure Argan oil is the pride and joy of our company. There are many facets of Essence of Argan that separate us from other companies selling Argan oil products. Ethics is a great way in which we distinguish ourselves from the competition and we do that by ethically growing the Argan trees, harvesting their fruits ethically, as well as consciously manufacturing the Moroccan Argan oil we sell. Essence of Argan strives to not only be a sustainable company but one that creates a healthier world all around us. Argan trees are native to Morocco and that is where our oil comes from, so we only feel right to make Morocco the focal point of our service to the community. Morocco is a very poverty-stricken country where the women have far less opportunities and earning potential than their male counterparts. That is why the Moroccan oil industry is so important. A cooperative system is in place where only women can be employed. This stimulates the economy in a way that stands to empower and educate women in rural areas. Essence of Argan is fortunate to be partners with a longstanding highly respected organic cooperative in Morocco. Argan trees are great for the environment because they thrive in the Sahara desert, and absorb carbon dioxide where few other plants can survive. The cooperative that we have partnered with, protects the Argan trees (Argania spinosa L.) from loggers which preserves the environment. Essence of Argan is labeled EcoCert. EcoCert is the world’s most respected certification body that guarantees any product displaying its logo only uses organic ingredients as well as ethically treats workers all the way up and down the supply chain. The last component that distances from its competition is the way we treat customers. Taking care of our customers is very important. Essence of Argan’s employees are rigorously trained in order to take supreme care of our customers. Between being responsive to customers who contact us, and making sure all orders are shipped in a timely manner; our employees understand how vital customer care is to our brand.

Here at Essence of Argan we stock twelve products that are available for purchase. Our business focuses on the 100% pure Argan oil, not just because because it is the highest quality in the world, but it is very versatile as a stand alone product,. The same 100% pure organic Argan oil is used as the active ingredient in all the other products that carries. Essence of Argan offers a shampoo, conditioner, and a hair masque that have all been infused with six times the amount of Argan oil our competitor’s merchandise contain. Between the pure organic EcoCert product, the hair masque, the shampoo, and the conditioner; Essence of Argan quenches all your haircare needs. We are also proud to fill some of your makeup necessities as well. Essence of Argan has a lipstick, a lip gloss, as well as a mascara product to not only perform their cosmetic duties, but to work towards regenerating and healing the surfaces to which they are applied. Finally we have a perfect product for the kitchen, a culinary Argan oil; ideal for both fired and raw dishes alike. Culinary Argan oil is widely accepted as the optimal cooking oil for your health. Essence of Argan’s culinary oil is of course organic as well as 100% pure. If you have never experienced cooking with Moroccan oil, it provides your dish with a bit of a nutty flavor.