Argan Oil for Men - Skin Care Tips

We’re in the midst of a beauty renaissance. Today we`re embracing products and techniques that were previously reserved for the ladies. One of these products is argan oil: It’s effective for both men and women, but its unique properties make it especially beneficial for guys. 

Argan oil is a multifunctional product that can be used in the hair, body and face. It is extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which helps boost moisture, reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity to your skin. 

Here are the top 10 uses in men's skincare routine:

Face Moisturizer

Argan Oil is the perfect moisturizer for men who are looking for a product to help them keep their skin healthy and well-hydrated. It absorbs in the skin quickly, leaving behind no greasy or oily feeling, and it doesn’t have any irritating smell either. The naturally occurring vitamin E, fatty acids, and essential nutrients in the oil, will smooth, soothe and moisturize your skin without drying it. If you want to create a great skincare routine, we suggest you add a face serum before you moisturize with pure Argan Oil. Check our Argan Oil Infused face serums. 

Excellent for Dry Skin

Argan Oil is good to use not only on your face, but your body. You can treat and replenish any dry areas by regularly applying pure Argan Oil. As Argan Oil is not irritating to the skin, you can generously apply it on your body. It's especially effective as a foot balm for moisturizing cracked heels or as a body oil for removing dry areas on the knees, elbows or hands. You can even use it as a protective balm in the cold winter months to prevent your skin from drying out.

Treats Skin Conditions

Men can also suffer from various skin conditions and Argan Oil is one natural remedy to help them relieve any bad symptoms, rashes, redness or itchiness. The anti-inflammatory and healing properties of pure and organic Argan Oil are irreplaceable if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis, cold allergy, psoriasis and rosacea. Just a couple of drops from the oil can help you quickly soothe your skin condition and help the skin repair itself.

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Anti-Aging Therapy

Although most men age like fine wine, still some of them would like to slow the track of time and incorporate some anti-aging treatment in their skincare regimen. Argan Oil is an excellent option for that. Packed with highly effective natural antioxidants, like vitamin E, omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and polyphenols, it will diminish any fine lines and wrinkle appearance. Argan Oil also tones the skin, brings back its decreased elasticity and makes the skin smooth and glowing. A huge plus in its anti-aging properties is that it prevents UV damage to the skin and whitens any dark spots.

Good for Acne on Face and Body

Men have thicker and oilier skin than women, so acne on the face and body is not a rare occurrence on their skin. Argan Oil is a really good option for treating acne and even healing any scars or redness due to the pimples. Its antibacterial ingredients quickly stop the inflammatory process and help the spots fade, regenerating and repairing the skin barrier. Argan Oil is a very light oil, it does not clog the pores and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It's one of the best oils for oily skin, so you can use it all over your face and body to treat any appearance of acne.

Heal Dry and Flaky Scalp

It's quite visible when men suffer from dry and flaky scalp. It can affect men's confidence and it is not pleasant for the surrounding people to see the flakes cover your head and shoulders. Often dry and flaky scalp is a skin reaction, the result of overdrying the scalp with harsh cosmetic products. Argan Oil is a great skin balancer and can easily help you combat your "snowy crown". Apply weekly pure organic Argan Oil as a treatment all over the scalp two hours prior to washing your hair to treat the condition. Also change your hair care products to ones with better ingredients - we highly recommend trying our Argan Infused hair care line.

Stop Hair Fall and Bald Spots

Argan Oil is one of the best hair oils in the world. It has miraculous benefits in stopping hair fall and stimulating hair growth. Its wonderful hair growing benefits apply both to men and women, so men shouldn't hesitate to use it. Argan Oil is a very suitable natural therapy for a man having some issues with increased hair fall and balding. You can see amazing results in your hair density even after a month. All you need to do is invest in a 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil such as Essence of Argan. Apply it and massage it in your scalp regularly, leave for at least a couple of hours or overnight and wash your hair as usual. If you pair it with our Argan Infused hair line, we promise you won't recognize your hair!

Revive Damaged or Frizzy Hair

Although men may not pay as much attention to the condition of their hair as women do, they also experience hair damage, frizz and breakage. Argan Oil helps to revive and strengthen the hair's structure, giving it body, shine and control. It's easy for men to add some hair care to their beauty routine - it just takes a couple of drops of Argan Oil. Distribute the oil between your palms and apply to your ends on wet or dry hair. If you opt to put it on dry hair, you can use it as a styling agent!

Use As Beard Oil

The beard trend is on the rise again and when it comes to maintenance, a good beard oil is of the essence. Argan Oil is awesome for hair care and if you apply it on your beard, it will make it soft, manageable and luscious. The oil is very lightweight and has almost no smell, so it's a delicate but powerful product to use for your daily beard care.

Awesome for Razor Burns

Shaving is a regular men`s activity, but even if you are a master at it, it can cause some redness, irritation and razor burns. Argan Oil is a gentle soothing ingredient that can help you calm your skin after shaving and help you relieve the unpleasant feeling from the razor burns. It's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and it will help you soothe your skin quickly. We recommend you to pair our Argan Infused Revitalising Serum with our pure Argan Oil to achieve the best after shaving skin care.

Argan Oil is a great natural alternative for men's skin and hair care. Apparently, it has lots of benefits and uses for men as well! Check out our shop and get the best 100% organic Moroccan Argan Oil available on the market!

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