The Oil

Essence of Argan is the world’s largest provider of Eco-Certified organic Argan Oil, an ancient, all-natural health and beauty product. Derived from the nuts of the Argan Tree, we source the highest quality oil, offering a holistic approach to skincare, haircare, beauty and cuisine.

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The Benefits

Commonly referred to as “Liquid Gold,” Argan Oil is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, plus Vitamins A and E. It is a powerfully hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant treatment for skin, hair and digestion.

Ethically Minded

When you purchase Essence of Argan, you are helping to support a women's cooperative in Morocco that works to keep the Argan trees thriving on protected land. Over three million people in Southern Morocco receive a fair wage through the cultivation and sales of Argan Oil.

Our Vision

Essence of Argan was founded in 2011 with five liters of Argan Oil. Today, we are the largest provider of eco-certified Argan Oil in the world. Using only the highest quality oil, we have evolved step-by-step with the support of our customers. From day one, it has been our mission to share the ancient health and beauty benefits of natural Argan Oil. Essence of Argan is 100% pure, organic, ethically-sourced Moroccan Argan Oil, extracted from the kernels of fruits from the Argan Tree, indigenous to southern Morocco.

Ancient ritual. Pure beauty. Organic health.