Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Perfecting Masque!

Hair masks can become the most precious part of your hair care routine, if you know how to use them properly and choose the right one for your hair type and needs. Even if you don't have any hair complaints, adding a good hair mask to your hair care regimen may surprise you how much it can elevate your hair condition to another level. Let's have a closer look at the Moroccan Argan Oil Perfecting Masque.

But first: 

What Is A Hair Mask

Generally a hair mask represents an intensive and deep hair treatment, formulated to manage a certain hair problem - dryness, dullness, frizziness, chemical or heat damage, etc. Its primary goal is to boost your hair's health. Hair masks contain a high concentration of nourishing, repairing and conditioning ingredients, such as natural oils, butters, botanical extracts, vitamins and special formulations, that penetrate deeply into the hair, strengthening and restoring its luscious locks.

What’s the Difference Between A Hair Conditioner And A Hair Mask

The main difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask is that masks contain a highly concentrated formula, designed to treat a specific hair condition or to provide an intensive hair replenishment. Conditioners are usually put on the hair for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes, whereas hair masks need to sit longer into the hair for it to sink in their ingredients - respectfully 10-20 minutes. A conditioner`s main purpose is to make the hair manageable and easy to style. Hair masks have a more responsible mission - to nourish, repair and strengthen your hair.

The Moroccan Argan Oil Perfecting Hair Masque

Hair masque - Essence of Argan

At Essence of Argan, we created the Moroccan Argan Oil Perfecting Hair Masque to give you the ultimate hair mask, providing you with all the essential care your hair needs. Profound hydration, intensive nourishment and recovering power are delivered to your hair, thanks to our unique and rich formula, packed with organic botanical ingredients.


Infused with 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil, the Perfecting Hair Masque will transform your hair tremendously. Moroccan women are famous for their strong, healthy and luscious hair even in the harsh desert conditions, thanks to the power of Argan Oil. And now you can have hair like theirs yourself!

Argan Oil is abundant in fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E that provide an intensive moisture to the hair, prevent breakage and protect the hair from pollution, environmental and sun damage and restore the hair's strength from chemical and heat damage. Argan Oil can surely bring back the health and beauty to the most damaged hair. Backed with organic shea butter and a selection of botanical extracts, the Perfecting Hair Masque gives the hair amazing conditioning and nourishment.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hair Mask?

Hair MasqueHair masks usually are products formulated for a particular hair type and hair concern. For example: a mask for dry hair to provide the much needed moisture; a hair mask for thin hair to add shine and volume; a hair mask for damaged hair to repair the hair strands; a hair mask for coloured hair to save the color brightness for longer, and etc.

Generally speaking a good hair mask can help with:
  • add hydration and moisture to hair
  • manage and tame frizz
  • soften thick hair
  • strengthen and repair the hair`s structure
  • prevent breakage and split ends
  • make hair shiny and lively
  • protect hair from UV, heat or chemical damage
  • stimulate hair growth and scalp health.

Our Perfecting Hair Masque is suitable for any hair type - thin, thick,  frizzy, colored, curly or gray; as it delivers easy manageability, healthy shine and silky soft feel after the first application. Frizz, split ends, dryness, breakage and dullness will become things from the past for your hair. The masque does not weigh down the hair, but it makes it bouncy and full of life. The masque`s exclusive combination of ingredients will truly boost your hair's health and appearance in the long run.

How To Use Our Moroccan Argan Oil Perfecting Hair Masque

Hair Masque - How to useThe basic rule to apply a hair mask is on clean damp hair, right after you`ve shampooed. If you have very thick and dry hair, it is no problem to shampoo and condition your hair first, and after that, to put on the mask treatment. Our Perfecting Masque combines superbly with our Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Repairing Shampoo and Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Repairing Conditioner. Using the full Essence of Argan Hair Care line will make your hair look like a 90's supermodel.

Put the Perfecting Hair Masque on the lengths of your hair and leave for at least 10 to 20 minutes for the treatment to work its wonders. After that, rinse it well and dry your hair as you prefer. You`ll immediately feel your hair softer, smoother and cared for.

It's important to know to strain your hair well from the water before putting on the masque, as it will wash off and you`ll not get the full benefits of the product. A teaspoon quantity is enough for shoulder-length hair and a tablespoon - for longer hair. If your hair is on the drier or thicker side, you can apply twice the suggested amount.

You can put the Perfecting Hair Masque on every wash if you feel your hair needs a little more TLC and intensive treatment. But for long-lasting results, we suggest applying the masque at least once a week.

2 Ideas on how to apply the Perfecting Hair Masque

Aside from the traditional way to use a hair mask, we offer two more effective ways to get the maximum of this kind of product.

  1. You can utilize the power of the Perfecting Hair Masque before showering. How so? Use it as a pre-wash treatment: dampen your hair lengths and apply a generous amount of the Masque on your locks. Put your hair up and leave the mask for 1-2 hours, then wash your hair as usual. This is a perfect way to provide an intensive treatment to hair that is very dry, hard to manage or has severe damage. Even if your hair is normal, this method will boost its health and appearance.

  2. The second one includes your hair dryer. Apply the Masque on damp hair, before or after shampooing - your choice. This time you'll put your hair up in a bonnet and heat it with a hair dryer. Heat your head on a medium setting for a good 20-30 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse or wash your hair. This technique will help the masque ingredients to penetrate better into the hair and provide a truly intensive hair therapy. It's perfect if you want faster results or have hair damage you want to quickly get rid of.

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