The Process Of Producing Argan Oil

Let's dive a little into the process of producing Argan Oil and why it is so important to the quality of the oil.

Argan Oil is one of the rarest in the world. It is derived and extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, native only to an area, located in the Southeast of Morocco. The manufacturing of the oil is done by women cooperatives - the Berber women, who use traditional methods to harvest and extract the oil from the Argan nuts.

The Berber women cooperatives follow the guidelines of the Moroccan Department of Agriculture and Ecocert to ensure an organic and sustainable Argan Oil produce. It is important that the production is maintained in the Berber women communities as it provides income and education to the local women while it plays a huge role in protecting and preserving the natural Argan groves. Currently the Moroccan government is seeking a Geographical Indication (GI) for Argan Oil that will enable the oil to be produced from seeds only collected in Morocco.

Argan oil nutsThe process of production of the Argan Oil starts with the matured nuts of the Argan tree being hand picked by the Berber women. Then the nuts are left in the sun to dry and get peeled to remove the fleshy part of the nut and reach the kernel. After that, the hard outer shells need to be crushed in a special manner and only the oil-rich kernel remains.

The next stage is the grinding of the kernels. The Argan kernels are cold-pressed into a manual stone device, conserving all of its miraculous qualities and precious ingredients. This method is passed down through generations of women and hasn't changed since then.

The process of making Argan Oil is very time consuming, as it is 100% manual labor. For a liter of Argan Oil, you need up to 40 kilograms of Argan kernels and a 24-hour manufacturing process. This is the main reason why real Argan Oil is so expensive, but the price also indicates the quality of the oil. Always seek for Argan Oil labeled 100% Pure Moroccan Argan, ethically sourced from Morocco - like the one sold in our online shop.





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I love argan oil I have been using for last couple years know my skin feels so smooth and I love e erysipelas bit of it

Sofia August 21, 2023

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