Get Your Holiday Glam On

It's the season for huge year-end celebrations and the perfect time to sparkle, shine and catch the eyes of everyone in the room! Whether you're sharing joyful moments with cherished ones through gift-giving, indulging in tummy-warming feasts or enjoying lively nights out, consider elevating your makeup routine for a touch of extra flair.

From pouty bold lips to seductive eye looks, we'll explore some tips and must-have products to help you achieve a dazzling and unforgettable makeup aesthetic for the most wonderful time of the year. Get ready to glam up and make a statement at every holiday soirée!

How To Create A Glam Makeup Look


In the world of beauty, glam makeup stands as a beacon of allure and sophistication, transforming faces into canvases of enchantment. Defined by its bold and captivating aesthetics, glam makeup is a form that celebrates opulence and self-expression.

It's a transformative experience that empowers individuals to embrace their inner radiance and captivate attention.

A glam holiday makeup look does not need to include a frightening line of cosmetic products. The long list of makeup doesn't guarantee you a good makeup look.

Not many women can work the brush like a pro, and we are trying to give you the essentials to be able to bring the best in your face features with only three products. Using good skincare, like the Essence of Argan skin care line, will give you an immaculate foundation on which you'll need to use just a dash of color to look great on any given occasion.



Start With Lipstick - The Main Glam Character


The lipstick holds a crucial role in glam makeup as it adds a vibrant pop of color, enhancing facial features and building a steady focal point. Beyond its aesthetic properties, it can immensely boost confidence and create charisma, allowing individuals to convey their style and mood. The right lipstick shade can tie together a glamorous look, completing the overall makeup ensemble.

We, at Essence of Argan, designed a marvelous and compelling line of lipsticks. The color range can satisfy any taste and compliment any skin tone beautifully, brightening and reviving your overall complexion.

  • Roses R Red - a timeless bright red with satin finish, that will transform you into a Hollywood star.

  • Cabernet - a deep purple-red tone for the women, bold enough to wear this intense provocative shade. It looks amazing on deeper skin tones!

  • Chocolate Kiss - brown is the new nude and this shade is universal to any skin tone. If you're looking for an elegant, but soft glam, this is your best option.

  • Precious Pink - this bright mauve pink is ideal if you want to make an unforgettable glam appearance.

  • Pink Luster - a unique light pink color with a fantastic pearly sheen, this is truly a statement shade. The formula on this one also allows it to use it as a topper on other darker shades.

  • Teaberry - if you need just a dash of color, but want to make your eyes stand out in your glam look, Teaberry will execute this task flawlessly. It is a lovely neutral nude brown, favored by women at any age.

The Essence of Argan lipstick line is created with perfect balance between makeup and lip care. The lipstick has a soft butter-like formula glides on like silk, diminishing any discoloration and dryness from the lips. When applied, it will not bleed outside the lip contour or smudge when you eat or drink. With great durability, our lipstick will stay on for the whole day and night, and will leave your lips moisturized and taken care of. It has a visible voluminous effect, thanks to the natural ingredients that help achieve an astounding satin and light-reflecting finish, which makes the lips appear fuller and sexier.

Enriched with 100% pure Organic Moroccan Oil, shea, avocado and jojoba oils, the lipstick replenishes the lips with intense hydration, deep nourishment and brisk repair. Packed with a high concentration of organic oils, the lipstick creates a moisture barrier, preventing the lips from cracking or drying. In the long run, you will enjoy a soft, plump and well-hydrated pout.

Add Lip Gloss For An Elevated Makeup Look


A glam makeup look always looks better when you add a juicy lip gloss to the lips. It elevates the complexion, making the lips appear bigger, younger. It adds elegance and brings the focus to them. The shine finish and luminosity of a lip gloss holds the needed “extra” to the glamorous appearance you want for any special or holiday gathering.

To compliment our lipstick line, we created a corresponding color scheme for our argan oil-infused lip gloss selection. We have 5 fabulous shades in nude, pink and red shades:


  • French Red - a classic red tone, sporting an amazing combination between satin and shiny finish.

  • Inspiration - a universal makeup gem with  light nude pink undertone, giving a wonderful pearl sheen to the lips.

  • Pink Bronze - a sophisticated mauve pink with an elegant bronzy twist, suitable for any occasion.

  • Passion Plum - an opaque and deep plum shade, perfectly matching a seductive and bold glam look.

  • Cherry Rose - a playful purple-pink fuschia with intense glossy finish always catching the eye.

These universal shades look stunning on every skin type and are irreplaceable in your glam makeup choice, as well as your daily makeup routine. You can easily match them to your lipstick color or play around in order to add a little “spice” to your look by combining complimenting shades.

The formula of our lip glosses is very nourishing, light-weight and comfortable. It glides without an effort on the lips and has a superb high-shine effect with either pearlescent or satin finish. The colors are rich, pigmented and make the lips appear fuller, plump and silky-smooth. It makes any imperfections of the lips invisible without leaving a heavy, greasy or a sticky feel. Our lip glosses have an all-day-long stay on power and do not smear or bleed out, making sure you enjoy a beverage or a snack.

Except for their beautiful color palette, extreme light catching ability and stay-on power, their most precious quality is that they act as both makeup and lip treatment. Essence of Argan lip glosses are also infused with 100% pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, as well as organic shea, jojoba, avocado oils and the antioxidant vitamin E. The lip gloss acts as a protectant to your lips from harmful environmental factors, gives them profound nourishment and keeps them healthy, well-moisturized, soft and supple.

Create A Captivating Eye Look With A Mascara


A mascara goes a long way in any makeup look, no matter glamorous or everyday. So, this is a makeup product you definitely should not skip, but also choose a high quality one that will give your eyelashes the most defined, enhanced and seductive look.

The Essence of Argan Mascara is like no other on the market. It combines lash care and eye makeup performance like a pro. Our mascara is created with an outstanding formula and fantastic wand shape, and, again, infused with 100% pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil with an addition of Vitamin E and organic beeswax.

The formula of our mascara is a combination of everything you want to achieve with an eyelash mascara - body, volume and length. Its ultra black iron mineral pigments will visibly open and make your eyes pop. The masterfully designed wand will give you extreme curl, lenght, lash separation, lift and volume to die for.

Only one coat of the mascara is enough to get big, sexy and provocative lashes. The mascara is very long-lasting and will hold throughout the whole day of merry and festive activities.

Apart from helping you become the star of the party, our Argan Oil-infused mascara also provides caring eyelash conditioning. The Argan Oil acts as a natural lash growth stimulant, while helping the lashes become thicker, stronger, fuller and longer.

Moreover, we intensively made the Argan Oil-Infused Mascara suitable even for the most sensitive eyes. It has a very gentle formula that people wearing contact lenses will highly appreciate. It does not shed, sting or irritate the eye in any way possible. The mascara ensures your lashes look absolutely stunning, while nourishing them and coating them with an antibacterial and protective layer to keep them at their best shape.

A Couple Of Tips For Immaculate Makeup Look


Achieving a flawless glamourous look is not solely about the products, but also the techniques you use to reach the maximum potential of both makeup and finished look.

Here are a few very simple tips you can apply not only for a special occasion but in your everyday makeup routine as well:

  • Before any application of makeup, cleanse and moisturize your face well. A drop of Argan Oil after cleansing, will do an excellent job and your makeup will glide on seamlessly.

  • Scrub and hydrate your lips before putting on lipstick or lip gloss. Nobody wants flaky lips and uneven lip application - it looks sloppy and is not classy, especially for a glam holiday makeup. Check out our DIY natural lip scrub recipes here.

  • Right before putting on your lip shade, warm the lipstick on the back of your hand. The warmth of your skin will make the lipstick more manageable, opaque and easy to apply.

  • For absolutely immaculate lipstick application, if possible apply the lipstick on the contour of your lips with a small flat brush.

  • If you are looking for a perfect shade of blush to match your lipstick, look no further - just use the lipstick! Grab the smallest amount of lipstick and blend it into the high part of your cheekbones using a soft sponge, a brush or just your finger.

  • Don't leave the sparkle and shine only on the lips. You can effortlessly use your lipgloss and turn it into a highlighter or even liquid eyeshadow. Again, dab a small amount on the highest points of your face - the cheek and brow bones; or on your eyelids as an eyeshadow. This will create a light reflecting effect, perfectly suitable for the magically illuminated holidays.

  • Make your mascara a superhero, utilizing it in the best way possible. Always start applying the mascara from the root of your lashes, emphasizing there and then drag the brush all the way to the top of your lashes. After the first coat, let it dry and put on another one. This way you'll make your lashes appear much denser, with more body, volume and length, creating a savvy and seductive eye look.

If you’re a beginner, or want the real essence of the Essence of Argan Cosmetics line, we offer you an amazing bundle of three of our bestselling products: Argan Oil-Infused Mascara, Argan Oil-Infused Lipstick in Roses R Red and Argan Oil-Infused Lip Gloss in French Red.

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