How To Find The Perfect Pink Lipstick

Playful, fun, vibrant, sexy, modest, scandalous, shy, innocent, seductive, exciting, elegant, bold, timeless… Pink lipstick is all that - a genuinely powerful tool to make a statement, rebel against the rules, express your individuality, provoke a reaction or just simply add a dab of daily enhancement to your beautiful features. Let's agree that pink lipstick is a controversial makeup accessory that is adored by everybody and can easily overshadow the classic bold red lip or the universal nude tones.

Pink lipstick is a must-have makeup product in every woman’s beauty arsenal. It is a staple lip color alongside the red and nude shades, but more easily wearable, flattering and youthful. Being so diverse, everybody can find a pink shade that best suits their complexion, matches an occasion or even a certain mood.

In this article we will look deeper into the different pink shades, discuss some key factors on how to choose the perfect pink lipstick for your skin tone and give you some beauty tips on how to best wear it.

The Power Of Pink Lipstick


Did you know that, historically, pink is the best-selling lipstick shade of all time? Pink lipstick has been a huge makeup trend since the 50s when the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood have made it a symbol of femininity and glamor. Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren all had their favorite pink lipstick and would be seen wearing it all the time - on a gala night, or on a daily basis. Today some of the sexiest women alive, like Scarlett Johannson and Jennifer Lopez, demonstrate how a pink lip can transform your whole look just with choosing the right shade.

‌The power of the pink lipstick is deeply intertwined with its historical significance. Throughout the decades, iconic figures have used pink lipstick as a symbol for rebellion, freedom, breaking social norms and challenging the status quo. It has served as a visual proclamation of both resilience and the audacity to be seen and heard. Pink lipstick has a universal appeal, jumping cultural boundaries and connecting people through the shared love for its charm.

The power of pink lipstick extends beyond its vibrant hue. It's a transformative tool that empowers women to express their identity and boost their self-esteem. The simple act of swiping on a delightful pink shade evokes a sense of femininity, playfulness and sensuality. Pink lipstick is not just a cosmetic accessory, but has become a monument of self-love, allowing its wearers to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.


How To Find The Best Pink Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone


Now, pink lipstick is really fun and exciting to play with, but just like reds or nudes, there is a perfect pink shade for everyone. And the first thing you need to do in your quest of finding the perfect pink lipstick, is understanding your skin undertone.

What Is A Skin Undertone?


Skin undertone is the subtle hue beneath the surface of your skin that affects its overall tone. There are three main undertones: cool (bluish, pink or purple), warm (yellow, peachy or golden), and neutral (a mix of cool and warm). Understanding your undertone can help a great deal when choosing makeup colors that complement your skin the be way possible.




How To Understand Your Skin’s Undertone?

The most popular method to help you determine your skin tone is by the color of your veins:

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Cool Undertone

If the color of your veins, especially around your wrist and the inner part of your arm, is bluish or purple, you have a cool skin undertone. This means you better opt for cool pink lipstick - mauvy pink, purple-pink, fuschia, and light pink.

Warm Undertone

Warm skin undertone is characterized by greenish veins. It is best complemented with pink shades that have a warm reddish or orange undertone, such as red-pink, coral, peach, salmon or even hot pink.

Neutral Undertone

Having neutral skin undertone suggests that your veins are both blue and green and there isn't a clear distinction in their color. Both cool and warm pink shades look good on you, so your pink lipstick preference is left to your mood or outfit. Still, its good to acknowledge that a neutral skin undertone looks amazing with nude pinks topped by a shiny pink lip gloss.


The Color Of Your Skin Is Also Important

Aside from your skin undertone, you should definitely take into consideration your overall skin tone - fair (light), olive (medium) or dark skin tone.


The Best Pink Shades For Fair And Light Skin

If your skin tone is on the lighter side and consider it fair, porcelain or even pale, the best pink shades for you are lighter pinks or nude pinks. They will brighten up your features, without looking too heavy for your complexion. If you are feeling frisky, a deeper rosy mauve (for cool undertone) and a vibrant coral or peachy pink (for warm undertones) will brighten up your face and create a lovely focal point to your lips. Deeper and darker pink shades can also look fantastic on light skin, but they have to be carefully selected to match the whole makeup look.

The Best Pink Shades For Medium and Olive Skin

Medium and olive skin owners are granted the ability to enjoy all shades of pink. No matter a light, bright, muted or deep and bold pink lipstick, they can pull it off and just need to match them according to their style and occasion. However, a beautiful mauve nude pink is the universal option for them, suiting their skin tone in a flattering way and creating a perfect pout on a daily basis.

The Best Pink Shades For Dark Skin

Dark skin tones can beautifully carry a range of pink lipstick shades. Darker skin tones look fabulous in vibrant and in deeper pink hues. They accentuate the beauty of the darker skin, sporting amazingly a pop of color. Berry, plum, wine and even fuschia look stunning on dark skin, creating a gorgeous contrast and making the lips stand out. Neutral and nude pink shades can also look good on dark skin, especially if paired with a glamorous bold eye look. Light pink lipstick shades are interesting to integrate with dark skin, as they create a very unique and playful makeup appearance.


How To Wear Pink Lipstick

We've listed out the most important factors of choosing the right pink hue and understanding the pink shades, but how to practically wear pink lipstick the best way possible? Here are some quick tips:


Choose the right shade

Pink is incredibly versatile and as well as matching the right shade to your skin tone and undertone, you should always consider the rest of your makeup, outfit and occasion. For instance, light pink doesn't sit well with formal wear, just like deeper purple pink isn't a suitable choice for a bright summer look.

Balance Your Makeup

When wearing bold pink lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup subtle. Opt for neutral eyeshadows and a light blush to maintain a balanced and elegant appearance. This also works the other way around - if you do bold and heavy makeup on the eyes, leave the lips neutral and muted with light, nude, rosy or mauvy pinks.


Prep Your Lips

Ensure your lips are smooth and hydrated by exfoliating and moisturizing before applying pink lipstick. This helps the color go on evenly and prevents any flakiness. Check out our DIY lip scrub recipes and put a couple of drops of Argan Oil to hydrate and nourish your lips beforehand.

Layer For Intensity

Apply the lipstick in layers to control the intensity. Start with a light application and build up the color gradually until you achieve the desired vibrancy.

Apply With Precision

Use a lip brush or apply directly from the tube, starting from the center of your lips and moving outward. Pay attention to the edges for a neat and well-defined look.

Blot For Longevity

After applying the lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue to remove excess product. This helps set the color and increases the lipstick's staying power.

Add Some Lip Gloss

Adding some shiny lip gloss as a final step will elevate your lipstick game. This extra step gives volume to the lips and drives the attention to this part of the face. Always match the lipstick shade and the lipgloss to create a modern and elegant look.

Argan Oil-Infused Lipstick From Essence Of Argan

Do you know what is better than a beautiful pink lipstick? A pink lipstick that is packed with moisturizing, nourishing and protecting ingredients that keep your lips soft, plump and well-hydrated. We want your lips to not only be fabulous on the outside, but look and feel amazing even without color.


We, at Essence of Argan, launched an exquisite lipstick line, consisting of 6 irresistible shades - a red, a nude, a brown, and, of course, the other 3 shades are represented by alluring pink colors:

  • Pink Luster

Pink Luster is a unique light pink shade that has become our ultimate bestseller. Representing a neutral lighter pink with a glamourous pearlescent sheen, our Pink Luster definitely gives Barbie vibes but is actually wearable for every skin undertone. We know that light pink can be a challenge to pull off, so you can also tone down its lightness and integrate it in your makeup as a lipstick topper on another lipstick shade, line it up with a darker lip pencil or dab some shiny gloss and multiply its light-catching ability.

  • Precious Pink

Increasing the vibrancy of the pink in our lipstick line, we give you a heart-stopping mauvy pink, that effortlessly melts the demarcation between a nude and a bright pink shade. Perfect for any occasion, Precious Pink is totally suitable for the store, the office, a birthday party, a cocktail, a wedding and even the Oscars.


Slightly on the cooler side, still Precious Pink looks gorgeous on any skin tone, and most importantly - at any age. Its satin finish discreetly reflects the light, creating an optical illusion for bigger and juicier lips. So, if you’re on the search for a universal and multitasking pink shade, Precious Pink would be your best option.

  • Cabernet

Cabernet is the darkest star in our mini pink lipstick collection. It completes and compliments the Argan Oil-infused lipstick line flawlessly. A gorgeous berry-wine shade with deep purple undertones, Cabernet is the master of sultry and sexy lips. Being such a bold deep pink hue, Cabernet is the perfect evening lipstick, and an excellent makeup choice for the colder months. Light, medium or dark skin - all look absolutely ravishing with the Cabernet shade.



To boost the lipsticks’ skin caring qualities, we've infused them with the highest quality 100% pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, as well as organic shea, avocado, jojoba and grapeseed oils, and Vitamin E. Our goal was to keep the lips healthy, supple and hydrated and forget about the dry, cracked and flaky lips.


This organic oil blend, especially the Argan Oil infusion, ensures that your lips stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day, and even after you remove the lipstick. Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is highly concentrated in vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and phenolic compounds. This potent oil helps the lips hold moisture, stay soft and plump, repair and strengthen their skin, protect them from the damaging UV rays and harsh environmental factors. Regular use of the Essence of Argan lipstick results in overall lip rejuvenation, replumping and youth-restoring conditioning your lips.


Essence of Argan lipsticks have proven to be adored by their buyers, judging by the huge positive feedback. The immense customer satisfaction only signifies that our Argan Oil-infused lipstick line is the best option on the market.

Don't hesitate and grab your pink lipstick from Essence of Argan!

We guarantee you'll feel like a Hollywood star by just wearing any of our astounding pink lipstick shades!

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Images of Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johannson, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe all sourced from Getty Images.

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