Valentines Gift Guide: Argan Oil Edition

Set yourself and your loved ones on a delightful and fulfilling path of self-care, positive transformation and profound rejuvenation with the Essence of Argan 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Known for its exceptional moisturizing, anti-aging and nourishing properties, Argan Oil has been a beauty secret cherished and utilized for centuries.

Our exclusive Valentine gift guide features amazing cosmetic products enriched with the most precious golden elixir - 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan oil. 

Indulge your senses in a symphony of youth-restoring skincare, lock-reviving hair care and makeup essentials, carefully crafted to deliver unparalleled pleasure and long-lasting results. From velvety Argan Oil that effortlessly recharges the skin and hair, to an enchanting selection of colorful lipsticks with hydrating satin finish, each product in this guide is thoughtfully chosen to elevate your beauty routine. Immerse yourself in the world of organic Argan oil-infused cosmetics and treat your loved ones (or yourself) to the gift of radiant, healthy complexion that glows from within.

In this curated selection, we bring you a collection of luxurious cosmetics that harness the power of organic Argan Oil to enhance your natural beauty with the power of nature itself.

Why Choose Argan Oil For A Valentine's Day Gift


Its Majesty - The Argan Oil, is one of the rarest, most expensive and precious oils that ever existed. Its remarkable origin comes from the fact that it is grown only in a limited geographical area where the argan tree has grown for millions of years - primarily in southwestern Morocco. Pure organic Argan Oil is produced in a traditional manner by the Moroccan women co-operatives. The tree's nuts, from which the oil is extracted, are hand-harvested by the local Berber women. Then the oil production follows a strenuous labor-intensive manual cold-press process. The relatively slow manufacturing process as well as the slow pace at which the argan tree grows, greatly contributes to the scarcity of the Argan Oil worldwide.

Nevertheless, this hard hand extraction method is crucial for maintaining the oil's high-quality properties. Manual stone cold-pressing ensures that the oil retains all of its natural nutrients, including essential fatty acids, like oleic and linoleic acid, vitamins, phenols and phytosterols, which are extremely beneficial for skin and hair health.

For the skin, the Argan Oil's composition delivers an astounding cocktail of hydrating, healing and youth-restoring substances, such as omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E and coenzyme Q10. They provide powerful antioxidant properties, protecting against free radicals and promoting wrinkle-free and radiant elastic skin. Argan Oil intensively soothes and moisturizes the skin, making it effective for dry or sensitive skin. The oil's non-greasy texture also makes it suitable for oily and combination skin types, stopping any inflammation and breakouts.

When it comes to hair, the Argan Oils' moisturizing, repairing, nourishing, protecting and stimulating qualities make it a popular choice for stopping hair fall, promoting hair growth, healing any scalp problems, reducing frizz, repairing damaged hair, and promoting overall hair health. It's lightweight, easily absorbed, and can be applied to both damp or dry hair for a silky, smooth and shiny hair finish.

Overall, the combination of the hard, skilled and time-consuming extraction process, limited geographical distribution, and the oil's rich composition of beneficial nutrients, makes Argan Oil a unique and valuable gift, offering a luxurious experience for both your skin and hair care.

What Argan Oil Gifts Are Perfect For Your Valentine

Morocco's most precious gem - the Argan Oil, is traditionally purchased as an oil separately, but today it can be found infused in a variety of beauty items, such as skin care, hair care, cosmetics, and a lot more. 

We, at Essence of Argan, have carried the magical powers of this extraordinary oil into an insatiable line of products, which our customers love and swear by. 

Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable and surprise a loved one with an amazing gift with one of our Argan Oil specialties:

Argan Oil Infused Skin Care 

Argan Oil


As a brand based on pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil, this is our first proposal. Being our bestseller, the Argan Oil we offer is of the highest quality - ethically sourced by the local Moroccan Berber Cooperatives, grown from organic farming, eco-certified and with absolute pristine purity. You can get yours in 15, 30 or 50 ml, packed in special airless bottles, which preserve the oil’s quality for as long as you finish it.

We mentioned some of the Argan Oil’s skin and hair benefits, but basically the list of problems that Argan Oil solves is endless. It is mostly utilized to fight dry skin, prevent and treat wrinkles and fine lines, and to fade away dark spots and pigmentation. It can also become your supreme hair enhancer. Argan Oil is unmatched for restoring your hair's density, structure, vitality and shine while keeping your scalp healthy and moisturized. With Argan Oil you'll forget about any hair problem.

Argan Oil Infused Face Serums

Essence of Argan facial serums are an astounding skin care products, complimenting your beauty regimen. We captured the power of Argan Oil through an oil infusion, incorporated in all our serums. Created to target specific skin concerns, we give you 5 potent formulations with Argan Oil and organic botanical extracts:

All of the serums are with delightfully light-weight, non-greasy and fast absorbing formula, perfect for any skin type, even sensitive and acne-prone ones.

CaviArgan Cream

Every woman loves a good face cream. And our CaviArgan face cream is exceptional. Harvesting the marvelous anti-aging, intensively hydrating and speedy repairing powers by a revolutionary skin care trio, it is unparalleled in the beauty industry. The one-of-a-kind trifecta of caviar, organic Argan Oil and retinol, with addition of Matrixyl, vitamins C and E plus green tea extract, it is a beauty masterpiece, transforming the skin for the better in no time. An ideal fit to users from 20 to 100 years, CaviArgan cream is the ultimate addition to your journey to flawless, healthy and youthful skin.

Argan Oil Infused Hair Care


Moisture Repair Argan Infused Shampoo and Conditioner

Famous for its out-of-this-world hair glow ups, we utilized Argan Oil's fabulous effects on hair in a shampoo and conditioner. Mild moisture-replenishing and structure-repairing formulations, which are unbelievable in reviving any damaged and struggling locks. The shampoo is very gentle to the scalp but manages to deliver excellent scalp cleansing and nutrition, diminishing itching, dryness and scaling. The conditioner takes care of frizz, lost shine, breakage and split ends, and makes the hair silky smooth, nourished, reinforced and with tamed polished texture.

Moroccan Argan Oil Perfecting Masque

Another astonishing addition to Essence of Argan hair care line is the Argan Oil Perfecting Masque. A real savior to damaged and unruly hair, our rich hair mask contributes to reversing damage from heat tools or chemical treatments, strengthening the hair from top to bottom and revealing the true beauty of your hair. The Perfecting Masque is suitable for any hair type of length and can even be used on the ends as well as the scalp. Implementing this amazing hair product in your hair care routine will keep your precious mane well-hydrated, intensely nourished, shiny, strong, healthy and most importantly - luscious just like the hair of a native Moroccan woman.

Argan Oil Infused Cosmetics

Argan Oil Infused Mascara


We extended the nourishing, repairing and conditioning powers of Argan Oil in a line of cosmetic products as well. Starting with our Argan Oil Infused Mascara, which combines the effects of a makeup tool and a lash-enhancing serum. The mascara offers everything you wish from a product like this - intense black pigments, volumizing, curling, lifting and lengthening the lashes for an effortless sexy and provocative eye look. Formulated with gentle and soothing ingredients, the mascara doesn't irritate the eyes and is a perfect match to individuals who wear contact lenses and suffer from eye sensitivity. In the long run, with frequent application, our Argan Infused mascara has the power to promote lash growth and keep the lashes strong, dense and naturally beautiful.

Argan Infused Lip Gloss

Lipgloss has returned to the makeup scene and is the latest trend loved by everybody. Every pout looks absolutely fabulous with a good shiny lip gloss and we are here to offer you 5 classy and elegant shades to match your makeup look in any occasion. We have a timeless French Red with high glossy finish that suits all skin tones and complements any age. Our baby pink nude in Inspiration is adored by our customers as it has a beautiful pearlescent hue, suitable for daily use. The Cherry Rose shade is the best option for you if you're looking for a dash of color without feeling too much. Our Pink Bronze lip gloss is one of the prettiest shades to ever exist and gives you a look of a goddess. Finally, if you're trying to achieve a sexy feminine look, Passion Plum is just the right seductive deep purple.

Argan Infused Lipsticks

Last but not least - the best-selling makeup products from our cosmetics line: our Argan Infused Lipsticks, representing a beautiful selection of 6 glamorous shades, that every woman should have in her beauty collection. The star of the collection is Roses R Red - a classic red sporting a satin finish, making it a wonderful pick for a sophisticated look. Next, a warm brown cream in Chocolate Kiss to achieve that 90's makeup trend. Pink Luster is our ground-breaking light baby pink with frosty pearlescent sheen that you can rarely find today. If you are crazy about nudes, then we suggest you get our cream Teaberry in a natural warm brown hue. Precious Pink is the ultimate shade that suits everybody with its delicate mauve satin color. Finally, for the bolder ladies and a perfect fit for a night makeup look, is the Cabernet - a mouth-dropping deep pink red berry.

Argan Oil Bundles: The Best Price For The Value

Argan Oil Bundle 

With this bundle you can see in reality how “the more, the better” looks like. This is one of the best bundles you can get on the global Argan Oil market - five 50 ml bottles of 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil for just the price of two. If you buy it for yourself, this bundle will ensure you get to explore all the benefits and various uses an Argan Oil can give you. However, it is also an excellent option to get the bundle and surprise a loved one or ones, or simply share with friends and indulge together in a splendid natural glow up.

CaviArgan Bundle

What's better than the CaviArgan Cream? Having 5 CaviArgan creams. Here, again, as in our Argan Oil Bundle, you can buy 5 CaviArgan creams for the price of only two. This offer is one of a kind, as it gives you the opportunity to explore our luxurious and revolutionary skin care trifecta, saving you dollars by the dozen. The CaviArgan Bundle is also a great chance to split between friends of loved ones, or treat yourself with one of the most powerful anti-aging skin care products on the market.

Cosmetic Bundle with Argan Oil

The next spectacular gift proposal is of our Cosmetics Bundle with Argan Oil. It joins the best of the both worlds - makeup and skin care. Every woman will be delighted to receive such a gift for Valentine's Day, as it contains some of our bestsellers - organic cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil 30 ml, Argan Infused Mascara, French Red Argan Infused lip gloss and a red Argan Infused Lipstick in Roses R Red. The items on this bundle complement each other flawlessly and are the quickest solution to treat your skin with a hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating Argan Oil, while the mascara, lipstick and lipgloss enhance its natural power, giving you a trendy and elegant makeup look.

Ultimate Nourishing Bundle 

If you or a dear one is a skin care enthusiast, this is the bundle for you. Composed of 3 Argan Oil based products, you can harness the benefits of Argan Oil to its full extent. In our Ultimate Nourishing Bundle you will find the Revitalizing Argan Oil Infused Serum with vitamins A, B, C and E with added coenzyme Q10; the Repairing Argan Oil Infused Serum with a potent triple peptide complex and a bottle of 30 ml 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil. The best thing about this bundle is not just the price, but the fact that it allows you to implement a full simple skin care routine, that will boost your skin's hydration, radiance and vitality and will erase any dryness, dullness, wrinkles, inflammation and pigmentation from your skin. Isn't this a marvelous offer?!

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Firstly, I LOVE your products.
I use your hair products and your body lotion and your oils and they are all fantastic.
One question please: I have four of your oils, all containing Argan oil and have the Argan oil itself. How do I know which oil to use and when? Should I just make a blend of them all and put them on my face and neck?
Thank you very much for a splendid line of beauty products.

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