Argan Oil for Babies

Nurturing The Little Ones: Exploring The Uses Of Argan Oil For Babies

Welcoming a new member into the family is one of the most joyful occasions ever, and while the heartwarming moments of this exciting arrival take over us, the well-being of our little one becomes our top daily priority.

In the realm of baby care, natural and organic baby products take center stage. Creams, lotions, soaps and other emollients that touch the baby every day, must be suitable for the gentle and hypersensitive baby skin. One such ingredient is Argan Oil - a rare but worldwide famous Moroccan miracle with marvelous skin-nutrient qualities. Being such a cherished component with numerous benefits in skin and hair care, it has proven to be an absolutely perfect fit to tenderly cater for baby skin.

Derived from the kernels of the Argan tree native to Morocco, Essence of Argan stands out as a beacon of purity with its 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. In this article, we'll get into the reasons why Argan Oil is not just a beauty elixir for adults but also a gentle and effective solution for the delicate skin of infants.

Why Argan Oil Is Suitable To Use On Infants


The delicate and sensitive nature of a baby's skin demands utmost care, and this is where Argan Oil steps in as the ultimate natural choice for parents. Acknowledged as one of the most soothing and hypoallergenic plant oils on Earth, Argan Oil is safe and suitable for the most gentle thin baby skin. Originating from Morocco, there it is a tradition for the babies` skin to be treated with Argan Oil from the day of their birth. It is scientifically proven that the molecular structure of Argan Oil is quite similar to the natural oils produced by a baby's skin, allowing for easy absorption without clogging pores, leaving a heavy greasy feel or causing skin irritation.

Argan Oil has an amazing chemical composition - simultaneously moisturizing, soothing, healing, repairing, renewing, protecting and nourishing the skin. Extremely rich in essential omega fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols, they play a crucial role in maintaining the skin's health, integrity and moisture balance. Moreover, Argan Oil is packed with antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, which are renowned for their ability to neutralize free radicals, promoting a strong resilient skin barrier and immune response in infants against bacteria and external aggressors. All these natural compounds are vital for the development of the baby's skin health, helping to protect itself against environmental stressors, preventing dryness and inflammatory processes.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Argan Oil For Babies

Trusting Argan Oil to be your primary baby skin care tool, you`ll soon notice these benefits on your baby's skin:


  • always well-hydrated and moisturized skin
  • proper skin nourishment and protection
  • healthier and supple, resilient to infections skin
  • smooth texture without rashes, redness or baby acne
  • no inflamed creases and rolls or diaper rash
  • cradle cap gone and no dead skin build up on the scalp
  • soft and manageable hair
  • faster healing of wounds, bruises and bug bites
  • no chafing, dryness or red, inflamed areas

Choosing Argan Oil you get a true multitasker and with only one natural ingredient you keep your baby's skin in pristine condition.

What Are The Best Uses Of Argan Oil in Baby Care

Argan Oil emerges as a natural multibalm in baby care. The numerous benefits, coupled with its gentle and nurturing properties, make Argan oil a versatile solution for parents seeking the best baby care for their little ones. From maintaining skin hydration to soothing common skin issues, the uses of Argan Oil extend far beyond the beauty routines of the grown-ups.

Here are some suggestions on how to use Argan Oil in your daily baby care:

Body And Face Moisturizer

A hydrated and moisturized baby skin is an ongoing task. Our baby's skin is very thin and sensitive to the environment inside or outside our home and it can easily dry out and crack, creating a health hazard for the baby. Apply Argan Oil on the baby's face and body after the daily bath. This way the skin will absorb it better and lock the moisture in.

Massage Oil

Argan Oil is an excellent option as a baby massaging oil. It is hydrating, but not super oily, heavy or greasy, leaving an unpleasant feel for the baby after the massage. By massaging the baby with Argan Oil you'll not only soothe the child, but also promote a healthy blood circulation and strong skin barrier.

Bath Oil

If you feel your baby needs some extra moisturizing care, you can put some Argan Oil in their bath water. The heat from the water will improve the skin’s absorbing abilities and increase the hydrating, nourishing and regenerating power of the Argan Oil.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be really painful for the little one, and hard to cure, so you need to make sure their private area is always protected from their body fluids. Argan Oil has the property of creating a light but reliable protecting coating on the skin, isolating it from bacteria and irritants.

Cradle Cap Treatment

Almost every baby suffers a cradle cap, no matter if it has hair or not. Although cradle cap is considered a harmless condition (representing a buildup of excessive sebum production after birth) it stands a chance of becoming inflamed and harvest bad bacteria. Argan Oil has very strong antibacterial properties and can help keep the baby scalp clean and healthy.

Hair Conditioner

Baby hair is extra fine but hard to manage. The infant lays on its back most of the day, tangling their thin hairs. In order to brush and untangle the baby’s hair without damaging it or causing them pain, rub a couple of drops in their hair to keep it easily manageable.

Cold Protectant

Cold can be very aggressive to the baby's skin, so you must protect it from damage due to wind and low temperatures. Before going out, put some Argan Oil on their cheeks, nose, forehead, lips and even hands to prevent them from drying out or getting a frostbite or cold allergy.

Crease Lubrication

The lovely soft baby rolls create creases that need special attention, as they are very prone to harbor sweat, drool, milk or spit-ups. This warm and wet environment quickly gets red, inflamed and a painful rash emerges. Argan Oil is antibacterial and a thin layer of it can save the skin from such irritations.

Eczema Relief

Baby eczema is not to be underestimated as it is hard to treat and causes great discomfort to the child. Skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis need an instant soothing agent as the itching becomes unbearable. Argan Oil offers instant pain relief and helps with the healing and repairing of the skin.

Cheek Rash And Redness

Baby acne, cheek rash and general redness of the face is very common in infants, but needs to be taken care of so the symptoms don't worsen. Using regularly Argan Oil on the baby’s face will clear out the bumps and fade the redness, revealing a healthy and smooth skin.

General Skin Inflammation

No matter if your baby experiences a heavy skin concern, such as an allergy reaction, bacterial infection, hormonal inflammation, or a minor skin one like redness or skin bumps, Argan Oil is the ultimate healing agent that will naturally get rid of any skin irritation.

Healing Wounds, Bruises And Bug Bites

As clumsy as babies are, they always recover from a wound, a bruise or a bug bite. At this point, prevention doesn't work very effectively, but at least you can count on Argan Oil to soothe and speed up the skin’s regenerating, renewing and healing processes.



Some Extra Tips For Using Argan Oil On Babies

Don`t immediately put into action all the uses we listed of Argan Oil for infant care. We share some valuable tips on how to get the best out of the oil and what to take into consideration before the first application.

Patch Test

As we are dealing with extremely fragile and sensitive organisms, a patch test is mandatory before first applying Argan Oil on baby skin. Even though it is scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic, perform a patch test on a small area of your baby's skin to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Wait for 24 to 48 hours and if there`s no sign of redness, rash or irritation, you may proceed with regular application.

Consult Your Pediatrician

In case your baby has shown some pre-existing skin concerns or allergies, consult with your pediatrician whether it is safe for your baby to use Argan Oil. Even though Argan Oil has shown minimal risks when applied topically, still, if you are in doubt or if you have specific concerns about using Argan Oil on your baby, it is advisable to consult with healthcare professionals.

Choose Only High Quality Products

The market is flooded with fake Argan Oil and for the sake of your baby's health, we strongly advise you to choose only high quality Argan Oil with proven origin, organically and ethically produced in Morocco. It is very tempting to cut a few corners and buy the cheaper Argan Oil, but we assure you, that it is not even close to the real 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Such cheaper alternatives may be extremely dangerous to adults, and for babies it can be fatal. Those oils are diluted with unknown and unregulated substances, additives and preservatives, some of which can be toxic, and putting them on baby skin may cause irreversible damage. Always read product labels and choose a reputable brand like Essence of Argan. Check out our article on how to distinguish real from fake Argan Oil [link].

Use The Oil Sparingly

One thing is sure with Argan Oil - a little goes a long way. You don't need to bathe your baby with Argan Oil. It is truly unnecessary. While the oil is nourishing, applying excessive amounts may lead to an overly oily complexion. Argan Oil is extremely potent and only a couple of drops can cover a large area of the body and deliver the needed hydration, nutrition and protection for your baby's skin. Overdoing it will not only be meaningless, but the baby may feel uncomfortable, or in some cases ingest the oil, which is highly unacceptable for infants.

Apply Argan Oil With Room Temperature

For a pleasant experience for the baby and for harvesting the most benefits from the Argan Oil, it is best to store your oil at room temperature (but not in direct sunlight). It's also good to heat it a bit, but not make it hot. The fastest solution is to preheat the Argan Oil between your palms before you apply it to the infant's skin. This way you get the most of it and the baby will enjoy a nice warm massage.

Remember that every baby's skin is unique and what works for one may not work for another. By taking these precautions and being attentive to your baby's skin reactions, you can ensure a safe and positive experience when incorporating Argan oil into your baby care routine. Embrace the purity of Argan oil and provide your baby with the tender care they deserve, naturally.

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