7 Day Spa Routine - Skin & Hair bundle

An extremely hydrating and skin-nourishing Argan Oil-Infused body lotion with light non-greasy formula. It is immediately absorbed into the skin, leaving it deeply moisturized with a healthy glow. The lotion contains ceramides, fatty acids and antioxidants for anti-aging care, balanced skin barrier and prevention of pigmentation.

We have compiled for you a splendid 7-day-at-home SPA marathon, so that you can indulge yourself into a different beauty activity every day of the week. Mix and match the products from our bundle throughout the whole week and choose your daily SPA ritual from the list below. Play around with our products and have a blissful experience, whenever you feel like it!

Day 1: Revive your hair with the Moisture Repairing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Day 1 - 7 day spa routineIf you`re looking for a premium quality hair care products, our Moisture Repairing Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner will give you a genuine at home salon and SPA results. Their rich, but gentle formula has the ability to revamp your hair after the first use. Soft, lively, shiny and bouncy hair are just some of the effects you get from our hair care duo.

At least once a week, wash your hair twice with the shampoo and then apply a walnut-size amount of conditioner on the lengths. Leave it for 5 minutes, rinse well and after drying you`ll feel your hair well-nourished, hydrated and full of life! 

Day 2: Indulge into a relaxing and moisturizing bath

Day 2 - 7 day spa routine

Probably a warm and relaxing bath is the ultimate definition of a SPA experience. We suggest you take advantage of the amazing revitalizing and skin-refreshing properties of the Argan Oil and add a pump or two to your bath, to give it an extra skin-hydrating boost.

To retain the after-bath softness and plumpness of your skin, seal the extra moisture with a good rub of our super moisturizing Whipped Creamy Body Lotion.

Day 3: Do a nourishing and deep conditioning hair therapy with the Hair Perfecting Masque

 Day 3 - 7 day spa routine

The hair is considered the woman's crown, so it deserves a designated and exclusive hair therapy session. Once a week, we advise you to use a high-quality hair mask to strengthen, repair and replenish your loving strands.

Our Hair Perfecting Masque can flawlessly carry out this task. It is the ideal product for an intense nourishment and deep hair conditioning.

You can use it before or after washing your hair:

  1. Before washing:

Dampen your hair, apply a handful of the mask from roots to ends and leave it on for at least an hour. Then do your regular hair-washing routine.

  1. After washing:

After shampoo and conditioner, apply a desired amount of the mask to the hair lengths, leave for 10-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Learn more about our amazing Hair Perfecting Masque in our blog - https://essenceofargan.com/blogs/skin-care/moroccan-argan-oil-hair-perfecting-masque

Day 4: Make a DIY nourishing face mask with our 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Day 4 - 7 day spa routine

A true SPA experience should never miss a good face mask. DIY masks are super easy to make and our Argan Oil is a perfect fit for a quick and rejuvenating face mask.

 You can utilize Argan Oil as a base, because it is suitable for any skin type and works wonders on many skin concerns - dryness, dullness, irritations, pigmentation, wrinkles. Add some other nutritious and revitalizing ingredients, such as honey, aloe vera, avocado or yogurt, to create a potent and skin-loving DIY face mask.

Day 5: Grow and repair your hair with an oiling treatment Day 5 - 7 day Spa routine

Speaking of Argan Oil, don`t forget its powers to create an astonishing hair metamorphosis. Oiling with 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil helps stop hair fall, removes dandruff, promotes rapid hair growth and repairs the hair`s structure, preventing damage, breakage and dryness.

Once a week, treat your hair to an oiling session. Apply Argan Oil to your scalp and massage for 5 minutes to stimulate penetration into the skin. Put the Argan Oil also on your strands. Leave the oil for a good 2-3 hours, or at best - overnight. Later, wash it off easily with shampoo. Results won't take long to get noticed.

Day 6: Get a silky smooth skin with an extra replenishing combo Day 6 - 7 day spa routine

We take much care for our hair and face, but often forget our body. This is why we created our Whipped Creamy Lotion. The infused Argan Oil and ceramide complex in our body lotion are going to hydrate and nourish your skin extremely well. In the long run, you`ll notice your skin becoming smoother, silky soft and healthy.

To add an extra moisture retention power, put some Argan Oil on the places of your body you feel more dryness - hands, elbows, knees or feet. We guarantee you a visible skin improvement, just like after a SPA.

Day 7: Wipe the week`s stress away with a quick foot soak and an all-night foot treatment Day 7 - 7 Spa treatment

You won`t believe how a 20-minute foot soak would lower your stress levels, until you try it! Pour some hot water into a foot tub or a suitable container. Put a couple of drops of Argan Oil to keep your feet moisturized and some epsom salts for relaxation.

Now enjoy a 20-minute stress-relieving break. Take out and dry your feet, but after that immediately apply a thick layer from our Whipped Creamy Lotion. Put on some cotton socks and leave them for the night. In the morning, your feet will be super soft and extra moisturized. 

If you want to seal in the hydration, in the morning rub a couple of drops of Argan Oil on your feet. This is also a great treatment for combating dry skin and cracked heels.

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