Choose the perfect lip gloss for your summer look

Summer is already here with its carefree beach days and warm summer nights. Glossy shiny lips are the hottest makeup trend now and are the best way to elevate your summer look. Undoubtedly, it is a great time to experiment with fun and vibrant lip gloss colors that complement the season's bright and sunny vibe.


We, at Essence of Argan, developed an amazing cosmetics line, infused with 100% pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil, including 5 beautiful lip glosses. Let's dive deeper into our Argan Infused Lip Gloss and explore its benefits and tempting colors, perfect for summertime!


Argan Oil Infused Lip Gloss

We are super excited to introduce to you our Argan Oil Infused Lip Gloss! The gloss itself represents an ideal mix between a lip treatment and a makeup product. We believe that in order to stay true to our mission, we have to include not only a captivating range of shades, but formulate a lip gloss that will repair, protect and keep your lips healthy and good-looking.



The Argan Oil Infused Lip Gloss has a rich, but lightweight formula, that glides on your lips like butter, gives them supreme shine and plumpness, while keeping them well-nourished and extra moisturized. The lipgloss has a very comfortable finish with silky-smooth application with no greasy, sticky or heavy feel to it. It does not bleed or smear outside the lip contour, thanks to the moisture-barrier that the product creates. This makes it very durable throughout the day and you don't need to often reapply it.


Our goal was to create a lip product with an extraordinary formula that has the capacity to not only beautify your pout, but to keep it in its best shape.



In our lipgloss we incorporated an exclusive blend of organic oils and extracts, proven to heel, protect, intensively hydrate and nourish the lips. Aside from the Moroccan Argan oil, we infused shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and the invaluable to the skin Vitamin E. This composition of organic botanical ingredients guarantees you that you will no longer experience dry and cracked lifeless lips with no volume.


The organic Moroccan Argan Oil, shea butter, avocado and jojoba oils with each application deliver a powerful complex of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, necessary to maintain the delicate moisture balance in the lips. They provide protection to the thin lips` skin from hot or cold weather and even UV damage, preventing premature aging, dryness and chapped skin. The aloe vera and vitamin E add to the intensive nourishing cocktail by helping the lips look smooth, plump, juicy and flawless.


And when you add the gorgeous color into the equation- it becomes a masterpiece that catches the eye and gives you a sexy but trendy makeup look.


How to choose the perfect shade of lipgloss for your summer look?


We offer 5 irresistible shades to our Argan Infused lip gloss, that you can mix and match to your makeup, dress code, special occasion and even your mood. They provide an excellent glide, a shine that will make other people envy and a color palette that satisfies every taste.


Our shade range includes colors that suit every skin tone and most importantly - every age. A universal, but unique in its own way, our lip gloss color palette will elevate your makeup and overall outfit to the next level:


  • French Red - a classic bright red lip gloss with a high shine and a delicate satin sheen.

  • Inspiration - a beautiful nude with pink undertone and a delightful pearl sheen finish.

  • Cherry Rose - a fun and provocative purple-pink fuschia with amazing shine and intensive gloss finish.

  • Pink Bronze - an elegant pink mauve color with an eye-catching bronzy sheen.

  • Passion Plum - a stunning deep purple plum with provocative opalescent sheen.


Here are our 5 suggestions how you can match each of the Argan Infused Lip Gloss to your summer look:


  1. Breezy Beach Party: Pink Bronze

Beach parties are a daily event in the summer and when you're on a vacation, you get tons of sandy beach days, filled with fun and music. Our Pink Bronze Lip Gloss is the perfect shade to compliment your light, casual, beach wear and most importantly - your tanned bronze skin! It totally suits the boho carefree lifestyle of those days, creating a natural, but in-style makeup look.


The Pink Bronze Lipgloss is one of our unique lip shades, as it combines the playful and universal pink mauve color, mixed with a sparkly bronzy sheen, making it a beautiful summery lip option, you don't want to miss on!

 2.) Cherry Rose: Girls` Night Out


What is summer without the girls` nights out? Dancing, laughing, numerous cocktail toasts, sexy outfits and high heels deserve to be accompanied by an equally fun and playful makeup look. And here the perfect fit for these occasions is our Cherry Rose Lip Gloss - a super flirty purple-pink fuchsia color with a shiny glossy effect, creating an irresistible juicy and plump pout.


We combined the bright pink-purple shade, who fully matches the vibrant summer vibe with an intensive high shine finish to add to the youthful and frisky spirit of the color. Definitely an eye-catching girly lip gloss!


3.) Timeless Chic: French Red

A little red on the lips goes a long way. Red lips truly are a timeless chic trend and this is why it was inevitable not to include a classic red lip gloss in our collection. Our French Red lip gloss is the ultimate classic red with a slight warm undertone, suitable for every skin tone and age. We made it very bright, opaque and with an amazing satin gloss effect.


No matter if you attend a wedding, a professional event or some other special occasion with a formal dress code that deserves a good red lip, our French Red Lip Gloss will add the right amount of sexy, classy shine and color to your outfit.


 4.) Passion Plum: Fun Summer Date

 It's time to heat things up a little bit. Summer dates are something special in this season and at this time we are able to show ourselves in full glamor and mesmerize our date partner. A bronze skin and a seductive outfit are best complemented with a bold provocative lip, which turns heads and makes people stop and stare. This is why our Passion Plum shade is an ideal makeup pick for this special occasion.


Our deep purple Passion Plum shade is an absolute favorite of ours when attempting a lustrous and alluring look. It looks good on both light and dark skin but the most fascinating part of it is the opalescent sheen, which at night makes the overall outfit appear even more mysterious and captivating.


 5.) Inspiration: A Daily Dose of Elegance

Summer is not only parties and vacation - life goes on and our daily chores and workflow don`t wait till the fall season. But in this case, when you're out and about in the city, or stuck in the office in the summer, you need a safe makeup option, that doesn't look heavy on the face and it is not uncomfortable to wear. Natural, light and dewy makeup is a must here.


Our Inspiration shade is the one to go for in this situation - a very all-inclusive pink nude, that looks amazing on everybody. We added a beautiful pearlescent sheen to it, so whether you wear a suit or jeans with white T-shirt, it brings a touch of elegance in your daily apparel.


Choose your summer lip gloss shade of our Argan Infused Lip Gloss in our online store at

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