7 Fascinating Facts About Argan Oil

Worshiped as one of the most precious oils in the world, Argan Oil has proven to be a miraculous plant oil with extraordinary benefits in health, skin care, hair care, and even in culinary and medicine. Argan Oil is an ancient and timeless natural remedy not only for helping you obtain a youthful look, but good health as well. It has long preserved its status of an irreplaceable and potent plant oil, that quickly delivers nutritious, regenerating and protective properties.

But why is it so? What makes Argan Oil so special and appreciated all over the world?

Here is a short list with some fascinating facts that will make you fall in love with Argan Oil:

Argan Oil - The “Liquid Gold”

7 Fascinating Facts About Argan OilApart from owning a beautiful golden color, Argan Oil is considered "liquid gold" due to its multitude of health and beauty benefits. For centuries it has been used to effectively treat numerous skin and hair problems, as well as many health concerns.

Not only this, but the manner that is used to produce Argan Oil is quite labor demanding and time consuming, in order to retain all of its essential nutrients without being lost in the extraction process. This makes Argan Oil an expensive pleasure.

Moreover, Argan Oil is hugely adored for its versatile uses, making it one of the most potent plant oils in the world. Its unique technique of production and the fact that it is only grown in Morocco, significantly contribute to the Argan Oil's uniqueness and precious value.





Argan Oil Is Super Rare

Argan Oil is an extremely rare oil. It is native to and grown only in a small semi-desert region in Southern Morocco. On a yearly basis as little as about 6000 tons of Argan Oil are being produced, and around 1500 tons of them exported.

Although the Argan tree, from which Argan Oil is made, has been around for millions of years, it grows only in the Arganeraie region and is recognised and protected by UNESCO as an invaluable world heritage. The Argan tree can't survive anywhere else, which puts an immense pressure on the policies and practices of Argan Oil production, representing such a special and fragile ecosystem.

In addition, one Argan tree can yield just a couple of liters of oil because it takes as long as 15 years to regrow its nuts, making Argan Oil manufacture very limited.





Real Argan Oil Is Quite Expensive

On the market you will come across both cheap and expensive Argan Oil. Always go for the one with a higher cost, as it indicates that is the real deal. Cheap Argan Oil is mixed with other oils or even harming synthetic ingredients to lower the price of the product. Today more than 90% of the Argan Oil on the market is compromised and diluted with other carrier oils.

Pure organic Argan Oil costs a lot because it is scarce and takes a lot of time to be produced the right way - to preserve all of its qualities. The most safe way to be sure you buy real Argan Oil is to get one that is Eco Certified Organic, meaning it is tested for purity of source.

The best quality Argan Oil is made by hand from the Berber women cooperatives in Morocco. They use only traditional and ecologically sustainable methods of production. From the gathering of the argan nuts, to their peel, roast, grind and press - the whole manufacturing process is skillfully done by hand.

For a liter of Argan Oil it takes the women cooperative up to 40 kilograms of Argan nuts and 24 hours of manual labor. This is one of the main reasons why Argan Oil is quite expensive.

Don't get fooled to buy fake Argan Oil because of the low price - buy real pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil from Essence of Argan and see the difference!

An All-Round Natural Beauty Amplifier

Mostly known for its beauty benefits, Argan Oil is an ancient treasure with many skin nourishing, healing and rejuvenating properties. This is what inspired us to create the Essence of Argan beauty line. Being a top tier natural ingredient, this precious oil is one of the best decisions you can take about your skin and hair routines.

Extremely dense with vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, polyphenols, phytosterols, and other goodies, Argan Oil has a rich silky texture that gives the skin and hair the ultimate hydration, nourishment and radiance.

Argan Oil is a fantastic beauty agent that successfully fights any aging signs, retains moisture into the skin and hair, stops inflammation, heals acne and eczema, strengthens the hair strands, stimulates hair growth, brings back your radiant glow and restores your overall youthful complexion.




A Healthy And Tasty Culinary Delight

Argan Oil has not only beautifying benefits - it is also a very tasty and exotic delight with enormous positive health implications. Packed with omega 3,6,9 fatty acids, when consumed the Argan Oil lowers the risk of heart disease, controls the cholesterol and blood sugar levels, helps relieve arthritis, detoxifies the liver from carcinogens, strengthens the immune response and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Culinary Argan Oil has a lovely golden brown hue and a slightly more aromatic flavour with nutty roasted notes, that transforms and enhances any dish. Traditional to the Moroccan cuisine, Argan Oil is used to prepare tajini, dress salads, couscous, roast nuts, dip bread or flavour their everyday meals.

Essence of Argan offers premium quality Culinary pure organic cold-pressed Argan Oil, that will tinkle your taste buds while supporting your healthy lifestyle.



An Oil That Is Not Oily

Even though Argan Oil is an oil, it is considered one that is not oily, meaning it does not leave a greasy residue on the skin or hair when topically applied. It quickly melts into the skin leaving a silky finish with a healthy glow and a moisturized feel.

On the contrary, Argan Oil controls the sebum level and balances its secretion. Its amazing absorbent power helps the oil fully penetrate the skin, without sitting as an oily layer on top, clogging the pores, holding onto pollutants and therefore, causing breakouts, blackheads or other skin irritations. This is one of the reasons why Argan Oil is an excellent match for combination, oily or sensitive skin.

Applied to the hair, it does not weigh it down or create clumpy oily strands. It restores the natural hair shine and recovers the hair's strength and thickness.





An Oil that Stops The Tracks of Time


Argan Oil is an extraordinary rejuvenator and the most effective natural anti-aging therapy. If you have strolled through the streets of Morocco, you would've noticed that the women there have wrinkle-free skin and beautiful luscious hair.

This is all thanks to the meticulous use of Argan Oil on the skin and hair, starting from their childhood. They are the living proof that pure organic Moroccan Argan Oil can delay any aging signs, keeping the skin in its most pristine and youthful condition.

Thanks to the high content of nutrients, non-essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, Argan Oil promotes the optimal secretion of collagen in the skin, blissfully stopping the tracks of time from leaving their mark on your face.




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